Italian Experts Are Helping Lebanon Preserve Its Archaeological Heritage!

Lebanon has a large history since it has been occupied by over 15 countries, nations, and empires. That’s why there are many interesting historical and ancient sites in Lebanon. Italy is interested in taking care of the ruins in Lebanon. Two Italian contractors, Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Association for Art and Urban Restoration (Assorestauro), and the Embassy of Italy in Lebanon partnered together to preserve the rich history of Lebanon. These organizations have offered many useful workshops to Lebanese architects and archaeologists. They learned about new techniques to restore archaeological sites. From the first law school in the world to the only remaining temple of Jupiter, this little Middle Eastern country is full of archaeological gems. However, the government has not been doing a good job in preserving cultural ruins and historical building. For example, many authentic Lebanese houses are getting replaced by modern buildings.


A little bit about Lebanon’s historical heritage

Lebanon’s historical sites are mostly Phoenician and Roman. The most important trace that the Romans left when they conquered Lebanon is the Temple of Bacchus. In fact, this temple one of the largest Roman temple ruins in the world. Bacchus, also known as Dionysus, is the Greek god of grape harvest, winemaking, and


. Also, the Romans built the first law school in the world in Beirut which was a center for studying Roman law. The Roman Empire established similar law schools on its territory, but the one in Beirut had the best reputation. It was so widely recognized that Beirut was known as the “Mother of Laws”. However, the Phoenicians left a larger impact. To note,

a new study proves that the Lebanese ancestry is mostly Phoenician

. You can mostly find Phoenician gems in Byblos, one of the

Phoenician cities and towns that still exist today in Lebanon

. In fact, Lebanon is one of the oldest sites of wine production in the world since the Phoenicians were among the first people that produced wine.

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