An Italian Helicopter With 2 Lebanese Onboard Has Gone Missing

Daily Sabah

On Thursday morning, an Italian helicopter carrying 6 passengers and an Italian pilot went missing. Amongst the six passengers, 4 are Turkish while 2 are Lebanese.

Rescue missions have been working nonstop since the helicopter went missing on the radar, however, no sign of it has been found yet.

The helicopter took off from Capannori Lucca Tassignano Airport, which is located in central Italy. It was planned to have a one-hour journey to Treviso, a city in northeastern Italy, however, it never arrived at its destination.

Despite many people assuming the helicopter crashed, Giuliano Gelain, a director at the company that hired it, claimed it did not. He claims that the chopper would have sent out an emergency signal if it did crash, which it did not.

Unfortunately, bad weather was reported along the route of the helicopter, putting countless people on their nerves. The names of the people on board have not been disclosed, and many are still waiting for any sign of life.

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