10 Italian Restaurants in Lebanon You Should Try at Least Once

Let’s talk about cuisines in Lebanon. We have restaurants serving Lebanese cuisine, which is by far my favorite.

We also have restaurants that specialize in Mexican, French, Peruvian, Japanese, Chinese, and a personal favorite of mine: Italian, with their kinds of pasta and pizzas, and their to-die-for appetizers.

Lebanon houses many famous Italian restaurants that make you feel that we have our own little Italy in Lebanon. Here are my personal favorites:

#1 Margherita Pizzeria (Gemmayze, Jounieh)

I think I’ve been going to Margherita for as long as I can remember. They serve pure Italian food and their ambiance is so homey. Margherita is definitely a place you should visit if you’re looking for authentic Italian food to enjoy in a calm ambiance.

#2 Gavi (Downtown)

This is the perfect example of mixing luxury with food. Their modern décor with their delicious Italian food make it a great place for a date or for dining with friends, whilst enjoying a good wine with Italian food.

#3 Cocteau (Downtown)

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Take me for an Italian lunch, in sunny Beirut on Sunday, and you’ll have my heart. Cocteau is the perfect place to enjoy a family lunch on Sunday while enjoying the perfect taste of Italian food. Kind of makes you want to plan your next Italian getaway.

#4 Scoozi (Verdun)

I think Scoozi should really be on this list. After all, it was Scoozi that originally introduced me to Italian food at a young age. I could go back there anytime and they’d still be making the same type of Italian cuisine that they’ve been making long ago. Kudos to restaurants who stick to originality!

#5 Al Forno (Zaytouna Bay)

What could possibly be more pleasing than enjoying an Italian meal while having the Zaytouna bay in front of you? Talk about lunch with a view! This Italian restaurant will fill your stomach while calming your senses down.

#6 Tavolina (Mar Mkhayel)

Tavolina is situated in the heart of Mar Mkahyel, surrounded by many other restaurants, but it is the Tavolina that makes you feel like you’re having dinner in an alleyway deep inside Italy! The food, the décor, the seating, all harmonize nicely to make you sing Italia!

#7 Mario e Mario (Achrafieh)

You don’t need to think twice about what they serve after reading the restaurant name! Located in the heart of Achrafieh, Mario e Mario is the place to go for a delicious Margherita pizza!

#8 Napoletana (ABC Malls)

Napoletana is present in all the ABC shopping malls, which is great for customers to enjoy some Italian lunch in between shopping. It is also a super family-friendly place.

#9 Olio (Hamra)

Olio is in the heart of Hamra. This Italian restaurant is one of the OG Italian restaurants in Beirut, and it has always been super wallet-friendly. If you’re in Hamra Street, be sure to stop by Olio for some good Italian dinner!

#10 La Pizzaria (Gouraud Street)

La Pizzaria is always the best place for the perfect Italian pizza! Their pizza crust is enough reason to keep coming back for more. Be sure to try their Margherita pizza while you’re there. You won’t regret it!

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