Beirut’s Fire Brigade Just Received 10 New Fire Trucks From Italy


Ten fire trucks donated by the Municipality of Florence to Beirut’s Fire Department arrived on Monday on board the Italian ship the Capucine

In addition to the fire trucks, the ship delivered equipment for 50 firefighters, as well as food products.

Present at the handover were the Italian Ambassador, the governor of Beirut, the mayor of Beirut, and the head of Beirut’s Fire Department.

In immediate response to the explosion nearly a month ago, Italy dispatched firefighters to support and assist the citizens of Beirut.

Lebanon lost 10 firefighters on August 4th in the deadly explosion. They were first on the scene to put out a fire that was burning at the port before the blast.

Their fire trucks were also lost in the blast. According to the governor of Beirut, the remains of the fire trucks couldn’t even be found.

The country has been mourning the loss of its heroes and victims. The city is still struggling to adjust to the unfortunate reality.

In addition, many grass and forest fires are breaking out across Lebanon due to the current heatwave. These 10 new fire trucks are a most welcome help, arriving just on time for the firefighters to continue their mission with better and newer equipment.