Italy Signed A $4,2 Million Loan For The Wastewater Treatment Plant In Zahle

@nasseryassin | @coopita_beirut

The Italian government signed a 2-year loan of 4 million euros (approx. USD 4.2 Million) to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for the management of the wastewater treatment plant in Zahle.

The loan comes within the Italian aid policy for Lebanon, which is reflected in the health, environment, and basic public services sectors.

According to the caretaker Minister of Environment, Nasser Yassin, the work will also include treating the sludge resulting from the treatment of wastewater for later uses, either as fertilizer or through other methods.

“We are working hard to support this region […] which contributes to creating job opportunities for the people of the Bekaa and to enhancing food security for the Lebanese,” added Yassin.

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