Lebanese Journalist Jad Ghosn Is Finally Allowed To Review The Electoral Documents


The review submitted by the journalist Jad Ghosn against the Lebanese government and the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities regarding his delivery of electoral documents has been accepted.

The delegated judge in the State Council, Karl Irani, issued a decision obligating the Interior Ministry to allow Jad Ghosn, who had lost the electoral race in the Elections 2022, to view documents related to the election results.

Ghosn is now eligible of having copies of the documents, and has the right to fine the defendant a coercive fine of 2M LBP for each day of delay, according to LBCI.

This decision is effective from the date of its issuance, i.e. June 13th, 2022, until its full implementation and the inclusion of the defendant against it with full fees and expenses.

Jad Ghosn filed an appeal in May 2022 against the results of the parliamentary elections based on the many problems during the vote counting process.

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