Japanese Prosecutors Want A 3 Years Sentence For Those Who Helped Carlos Ghosn Escape

Japan Prosecutors Want Nearly 3 Years Of Prison For Michael & Peter Taylor
Anadolu Agency

Japanese prosecutors are aiming for nearly three-year prison sentences for former U.S. Green Beret Michael Taylor and his son Peter over their involvement in Carlos Ghosn‘s escape from Japan.

The prosecutors told a Tokyo court on Friday that they were seeking a sentence of two years and 10 months for Michael Taylor, and two years and six months for Peter Taylor, according to AFP.

“Michael Taylor… played a leading role. His responsibility is extremely grave,” a prosecutor said, describing Ghosn‘s fleeing as “a sophisticated and bold crime.”

The Taylors had recently confessed to having had roles in the former Nissan chairman’s notorious escape operation, which involved him being smuggled through a Japanese airport in a large box and flown to Turkey then to Lebanon, where he continues to reside today.

“The case considerably infringed upon our country’s criminal justice,” the prosecutor declared.

Earlier this week, the Taylors expressed regret for helping Ghosn, around three months after they lost the legal fight against their extradition to Japan by the U.S.

As the case continues to unfold, Ghosn, its prime defendant, remains safe from Japan‘s grip and continues to pursue his goal of clearing up his reputation

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