Japan Donates $1.5 Million To Restore Food Safety Labs & Animal Quarantine Centers In Lebanon


Japan has donated $1,500,000 million to help the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Lebanon repair and restore food safety labs and animal quarantine centers that were impacted by the Beirut blast

The initiative, made in partnership with the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture and WFP, was announced by the Ambassador of Japan Okubo Takeshi during a ceremony held at the Beirut Port. 

“I hope this project will play an important role in assuring national food security in Lebanon. My message through this project is Japan always stands side by side with Lebanon in difficult times as a friend in need,” he said.

Being one of the largest economies in the world, Japan has been providing continuous support in response to Lebanon’s crises and various needs.

In immediate response to the Beirut blast, Japan donated $6.4 million and, earlier this year, it contributed an additional $16.5 million to Lebanon.

Along with Lebanon’s Agricultural Ministry, Japan also funded a program to help small farmers earlier this month, contributing to developing and growing the local agriculture sector.

The East Asian country also donated $90,000 to a Lebanese medical center and over $600,000 to help clear mines in Lebanon. It even donated to help preserve the Jabal Moussa Reserve, and most recently, allocated $747,000 to protect vulnerable people in Lebanon.

According to WFP, Japan has supported WFP with over $22 million in assistance for vulnerable people in Lebanon over the past decade.

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