Japanese Ambassador Makes An Empowering Statement In Face Of Lebanon’s Crises

@TakeshiOkubo3 | UNRWA

The Japanese Ambassador in Lebanon, Takeshi Okubo, recently tweeted that he was facing power outages at his residence with no prospect of resumption of electricity.

Rather than complaining about the whole broken system, he selflessly said, “My thought is with all the hospitals and clinics.”

He was quickly showered with comments from Lebanese people apologizing for what he has to go through in the country where chaos is prevailing unlike his home country Japan.

Responding to a comment that told him, “Welcome to the hell promised by the president of the republic,” Ambassador Okubo said, “I’m quite all right because [the] Middle East is my home ground!”

Responding to another that pointed out the advanced Sakai Solar Panel Station in Japan, he said, “I’m convinced solar energy is very promising in Lebanon. I will work on that.”

Ambassador Okubo summarized his stance in a single tweet, which statement and image of a Samurai carried an empowering message:

Moving back to his home isn’t an option for him, just as moving out of their homes isn’t or shouldn’t be an option for Lebanese people.

Ambassador Okubo called it his mission to stay and make a difference, upholding the honorable values of loyalty and respect of the Japanese Samurai culture; that of the fearless warriors who were known to never abandon a battle whatever high the sacrifices to pay.

His post was a magnificent stance of solidarity with the people of Lebanon and certainly an empowering and inspiring one, based on the Bushido code that places a great deal of importance on loyalty and duty.

Every resident of Lebanon is now a warrior battling every day their way for survival through the crashing crises. Coming this far, they have shown that they will not abandon the fight.

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