A Stray Bullet Was Just Found At The Japanese Ambassador’s Home


After the elections ended, and the results were out, many supporters took the streets to celebrate their MP’s winning with celebratory gunshots.

The Japanese Ambassador to Lebanon, Takeshi Okubo, was also subject to stray bullets. He tweeted on Wednesday: “Bullets in my garden. Maybe that came from the festivities. The danger in the open space. Take care of yourselves!”

The Lebanese authorities took preventative measures last week, with the banning of motorcycles, the closing of restaurants and bars, and the lockdown of Syrian refugees, which they somehow deemed necessary. However, they failed to ban guns on election day.

Heavy celebratory gunfire was heard in many areas across Lebanon after the results were announced. This scary and unnecessary dangerous tradition comes at a heavy price as incidents of “accidental” injuries and even deaths tend to often occur.

Just yesterday, a woman was hit in the head by a stray “celebratory” bullet in north Lebanon.