Rising Lebanese Pop Artist Just Released A Music Video For “When A Girl Says No”

Jenn Sarkis

Paris-based Lebanese pop artist Jenn Sarkis just premiered the music video for her latest song, “When A Girl Says No” – a catchy song with a big message.

Speaking to The961, the rising artist said writing the song came naturally to her.

“It was my way of expressing a feeling that every woman has felt at some point in their lives, and putting into words conversations that I’ve had a thousand times with friends of mine,” she said.

“The song is about consent and the importance of listening to women when they speak up,” she told us.

To Sarkis, it was essential to incorporate the message into a fun and light melody. Along with her producers, she wanted to make a song with a powerful message that could also be danced to at a party or sung loudly during a car ride. Listening to the song, it’s clear she did exactly that.

“The idea was not to victimize women or put the blame on men. Harassment is an issue that we’ve all faced at some point in our lives,” she explained.

“That’s why we decided to make a music video with Inès Chtouki (the director) that shows a predator that isn’t recognizable, hence the Wolf, and who’s actually more pathetic than scary. In comparison, it was important for my character to be strong, fearless, and jaded by the Wolf’s efforts to pursue me.”

“I hope this song gives women (and men) the desire to speak up and not feel scared about sharing their stories. The more openly we talk about harassment, the better we’ll be able to fight it,” she told us.”

Watch her music video below:

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