“Jésus – Le spectacle” to be performed in Lebanon!

“Jésus – Le spectacle”  is an acclaimed French musical. The play is about the last three years of the life of Jesus. The actor who is playing the role of Christ is the Lebanese singer Mike Massy!

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Mike recently announced that the play is going to be performed in Lebanon during Jounieh International Festival on July 4, 5, and 6! Pascal Obispo and Christophe Barratier produced this play. They chose Mike Massy to play the role of Jesus mainly because he is a talented singer and actor, and also because he has a Middle Eastern look. Since the role of the Christ is one of the most challenging roles to play, Mike spent a year and a half studying the character and the facial expressions of Jesus by observing orthodox icons. Also, he attentively read the Bible. The musical aims to spread the message of love and forgiveness. So, 


 from different religious backgrounds are invited to watch the performance.

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