More Than 20,000 Job Opportunities In Europe Are Open For Lebanese Programmers Right Now

More Than 20,000 Job Opportunities In Europe Are Open For Lebanese Programmers Right Now
Yann Caradec | KK nationsonline

Europe currently has more than 20,000 job opportunities available for Lebanese programmers, an expert has revealed.

Dr. Pierre Gedeon, a Lebanese-European expert for modernization and development of higher education, announced Monday that the programming and computer science career opportunities are available both remotely from Lebanon and locally in Europe.

Gedeon said Lebanese universities have played an important role in ensuring the quality of education and cultural openness for Lebanese students and in preparing competent programmers to enter the market.

“In the name of these multiple skills among the Lebanese, European companies are now turning to Lebanese programmers and computer scientists to evaluate those interested in them and offer a job opportunity for everyone who matches the needs of a job,” he announced.

The recruitment process is transparent, free, and very easy, Gedeon stressed, adding that the available jobs are full-time jobs and their salaries are paid in U.S. dollars or Euros.

Those interested can apply by sending their resume to [email protected] under “Object: Job opportunity.”

The resume will then be evaluated and forwarded directly to European companies, which will accordingly contact each applicant directly to continue the recruitment process and negotiate the salary and the details of the job.

Gedeon noted that each digital job in Europe depends on 3 dimensions.

The first is based on the general skills required in information technology and includes 5 fields of work: Planning, construction, operation, empowerment, and management.

The second dimension defines the required skills out of the 41 European agreed-upon digital skills, and the third determines the required level for each skill.

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