Summer Internship 2024

Are you passionate about media, storytelling, and engaging with vibrant online communities? Look no further!

961 is Lebanon’s leading English media company with millions of readers and followers in Lebanon and abroad.

We’re offering exciting internship positions across various roles. Though unpaid, interns receive priority selection when positions are available after internships. The position is completely work from home unless there are any events you can be invited to or out of home filming/coverage.

Make sure to read to the end of the posting to get tips and reasons why most applications get rejected.

Roles Available:

  1. Writing (Guides and Stories): Dive into the vibrant world of Lebanese culture and lifestyle. Create compelling guides, highlight trendy spots, and showcase the best things to do in Lebanon. Examples:

  1. Writing (News): Stay ahead of the curve with our news and politics team. Craft informative articles, social posts, and WhatsApp Channel messages in a very fast-paced environment. Must be bilingual (English and Arabic)
  2. Video Content Creator: Bring stories to life through engaging social videos and dynamic story reporting. Use your creativity to captivate audiences and deliver compelling visual content. Examples:
  3. Copy Editor: Lead with precision and polish as you oversee the written work of writers. Ensure accuracy, consistency, and clarity across all content, positioning yourself as a key player in our editorial process. This role is ideal for someone who sees themself in a leadership role in the future.
  4. Social Media/Marketing: 961 has the highest engagement rate on social media across all Lebanese media outlets and pages. Get hands-on experience on how we do this. Curate engaging and viral content from across the internet for our social platforms.
  5. Sales: Drive growth and partnerships by reaching out to businesses for advertising or securing deals for our members
  6. Translation: Make our content available in Arabic and French.

Why Join Us:

  • Gain actual hands-on experience in your chosen field – no shadowing others.
  • Collaborate with a dynamic team of creatives and professionals
  • Access opportunities for growth and advancement
  • Make a real impact within our growing community


  • Passion for media, storytelling, or related fields
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills
  • Proactive attitude and willingness to learn
  • Able to commit to the agreed schedule and deadlines
  • Full-time: 40 hours per week. Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm. Can substitute a day with Saturday
  • Part-time: 20 hours per week.

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Codeword: Hummus

Tip: make sure to whitelist our domain in your email as many lose out on the opportunity to join our team because our email ended up in their spam message.

Common Reasons We Reject Applications:

You’re already being tested from the moment you submit the application. We receive thousands of applications each season and our internship program is known to be some of the hardest to get in.

We made a list of common reasons we reject applications and some tips to help you stand out.

  • Mistakes/Poor writing in the application: Writing your name without proper capitalization, writing our company name incorrectly, poor punctuation etc. indicate laziness or poor education. This translates to low-quality work deliverables which result in higher costs of revision for us. This includes errors found in your CV. All roles require proper writing, from social to sales or video creators. This is a common reason for applications being rejected.
  • Not following directions: This is an easy test that many fail. Being a good intern means you can follow directions well. For example, when we ask for links to your socials in the form but you put just your username instead. This is a simple thing but for us, we’re seeing how well you can follow direct instructions.
  • Using Chatgpt terribly: This is a new one but many are using Chatgpt especially for their cover letters. We’ve mastered this so we can detect it right away. Nothing wrong with it but use it properly not to overcompensate for laziness. We often see people leave the fields like [Company Name] there. Immediate rejection.
  • Asking Questions: It’s good to ask questions when we reach out. But when you’re asking questions that are directly answered in the job posting, it tells us you didn’t read the job posting or require a high level of micromanagement, which isn’t our ideal candidate at 961 as we expect a level of autonomy and resourcefulness in order to develop leaders.
  • Not following 961: Not a dealbreaker but you are deprioritized if you’re not following us on social media platforms. We prefer to prioritize candidates who follow us, are familiar with the work we create, and our values. For social media applicants, this is an immediate rejection. When deciding between candidates, we will always choose the one who follows us even if they are slightly less qualified.
  • Not uploading a picture: Not a dealbreaker but we do prioritize applicants who upload their profile pictures. This is used across your application and our HR/communication tools to keep you familiar and close to the team.
  • No response: Taking too long to answer our emails or failing to meet the deadline (even waiting right to the deadline) to submit your test. Media is a high-paced environment – timing is crucial. If we give you 2 days to submit a sample/test, but it takes you an hour, you’re prioritized more than another candidate who waits last minute or takes longer.
Job Type: Internship
Job Site: Remote
Company: 961 Media

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