Jordan Will Start Exporting Electricity To Lebanon In March

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Exporting electricity to Lebanon will start in March, said the Jordanian Energy Minister Saleh Al Kharabsheh, on Monday, adding that the process will start after completing the financing agreement with the World Bank.

The Energy Ministers of Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria signed a deal last month in Beirut to send 250 megawatts of Jordanian electricity to Lebanon through Syria.

The United States also supported the deal despite sanctions against Syrian President Bashar Al Assad’s regime and reassured Lebanon that no sanctions will target it.

The deal will help Lebanon get more electricity supply after the country has been suffering from an increased severity in electricity shortages since its economy began collapsing in 2020.

The Jordanian Energy Minister, Mr. Kharabsheh, who was in Cairo on Monday for an energy conference, told news agencies that exporting electricity supply will begin “after the conclusion of a financing agreement with the World Bank”.

The World Bank had previously denoted that it will be willing to lend Lebanon a loan of hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for the electricity imports through Syria, which “will be clear by March” according to the Lebanese Energy Minister Walid Fayyad.

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