Jordan Just Sent Planes to Assist Firefighting the Wildfires in Lebanon

After receiving help from Cyprus and Greece to assist in combating the massive forest fires that have erupted in Lebanon in the past 24 hours, Jordan has recently sent two planes “Super Puma” to assist as well with firefighting.



Just after 9 PM on Tuesday, and upon Royal directives, the Jordan Armed Forces- Arab Army, in cooperation with the Civil Defence Department, sent two units of its Royal Air Force Super Puma aircraft with fire-fighting equipment and their crews to help in battling the forest wildfires in Lebanon.

Lebanon has been calling for help to battle forest fires, contacting several countries, including Italy and the European Union, according to Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Similarly, MP Teymour Joumblatt had also said that he would contact Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for additional help. 


Earlier today, two Cypriot planes arrived and have been helping after Minister of Defense Elias Bou Saab traveled to Cyprus in order to secure further assistance, and  Greece also responded to the request of help and sent two planes for assistance.

Interior Minister Raya El Hassan tweeted images of the two Cypriot planes dropping water, with her message that says, “Cypriot planes are working meanwhile at extinguishing the fire in Mechref.”


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During the last 24 hours, more than 140 enormous fires have started in different areas in Lebanon, the biggest area hit by fires was the Chouf village of Meshref, as it was said to be the first of its kind in Lebanon in 10 years.

Huge local and international efforts were put on the ground to extinguish these fires that left tragic scenes all around Lebanon. Heavy rain fell this afternoon on different areas in the country, the thing that helped in putting out these fires as well.


It is still unclear what caused these fires to began. While some say it’s due to hot and windy weather conditions, some officials including Prime Minister Saad Hariri asked to open an investigation, saying that if these fires were set intentionally, those responsible “will pay a price.”

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