Video: Army Photographer Was Just Assassinated Using Silenced Pistols In Front of Daughters

In a terrible crime that shook Lebanon on Monday morning, an AlfaTelecom employee. who also worked as an army photographer, was assassinated in the town of Kahaleh of the Aley District.

Joseph Bejjani was murdered by two unidentified men in front of his home while getting ready to take his daughters to school.

Security footage shows the moment two gunmen approached Bejjani’s vehicle to shoot him down, reportedly with a silencer pistol, before fleeing downhill.

Bejjani called himself an amateur military photographer. He worked for the Lebanese Army, the Internal Security Forces (ISF), and UNIFIL.

We have information stating that he participated in the tours in the port with some foreign investigators after the explosion.

Only things taken at the time of his assassination was his phone and camera.

This raises questions about potential links to similar assassinations and mysterious deaths linked to the port of Beirut blast, such as the deaths of Colonel Mounir Abou Rjeily and Col. Joseph Skaf, both of whom worked at customs.

The mayor of Kahaleh announced later that a “large team infiltrated the region” and killed Bejjani.

“We want to know the motive behind this crime,” he demanded, adding that Bejjani was loved by many and had no personal issues with anyone.

The mayor called for a swift investigation that will reveal the motives of the crime within 48 hours maximum, otherwise they will take radical measures, such as blocking the roads for more than an hour.

According to local media, protesters have already started blocking the Kahaleh highway in response.

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