Joumblatt Warns His Ministers Will Resign if Reforms Are Not Implemented

Following the tremendous pressure of the Lebanese street, backed up by massive movements of solidarity from the Lebanese diaspora across the world, on all the government to resign, politicians ruling the country are resisting to abide by the demands of the people. On Sunday, we hear a rather enigmatic statement from Walid Joumblatt, a long-time leader of the Druze Progressive Socialist Party.


According to him, his two Cabinet ministers would remain in their positions unless the government does not legislate the reforms, which, as per him, include abstaining from new taxes and deductions of retirement salaries, and “overspending.”

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This rather vague stance has followed the resignations on Saturday night of the four ministers of the “Lebanese Forces” party in a public announcement made by the party leader Samir Geagea. In his statement, Geagea had expressed his lack of belief that the current government could bring the country out of its severe economic crisis.


While the streets are effervescing with high energy, the government doesn’t seem to want to act fast enough. Prime Minister Hariri has promised the public 72 hours for his government to solve the crisis, insinuating a major decision he would take if that is not achieved, which all understood as his resignation.

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Today, at night, the 72-hour deadline comes to its end. However, according to an anonymous source to Al-Akhbar news, PM Hariri has reconsidered his intention to resign, encouraged as of yesterday Sunday by western capitals that fear Lebanon will enter into the unknown if he resigns.


As per the sources of Al-Akhbar, the same statement of the US State Department supporting the peaceful movement of protest has brought PM Hariri to consider it as an incentive for his government to achieve reforms; a plan he is expected to present today Monday during the Cabinet meeting. Until then, the nation and the world await…

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