13 Joyous Things You Can Do In Lebanon If You Got The Christmas Spirit

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2021 has been tough on everybody, particularly in Lebanon. That’s more than a reason to embrace the Christmas Spirit this year now that the most wonderful time of the year has begun.

And Lebanon has already dressed up for it!

Here is a list of festive things you can do around Lebanon to unwind and enjoy the Christmas vibes with your family and friends.

#1 Spend time in Downtown Beirut

Nothing feels more like Christmas than going to Downtown Beirut. Take your significant other down there and pretend like you are in a romantic Christmas movie.

#2 Visit A Christmas Market

There is a Christmas market happening in almost every city in Lebanon. Head to any and all with your family or friends and enjoy the delicious food, the good music, and the jolly ambiance.

Here are All The Christmas Events In Lebanon That You Don’t Want To Miss.

#3 Christmas Trees’ Tour

Go with your friends on a car trip to see the different City Christmas Trees. You can go to Beirut, Achrafieh, Byblos, Batroun, Tripoli, and more. Lebanon’s main plazas have magnificent Christmas trees that will take your breath away. Just don’t forget to jam your favorite Christmas songs.

#4 Tour the Christmassy malls

Enjoy the holiday cheer while shopping for your loved ones or just touring the malls beautifully dressed up for Christmas. And let the Christmas spirit fill your heart.

#5 Enjoy preparing Christmas food with your loved ones

Make the preparation of Christmas desserts and food enjoyable this year by turning your kitchen festive with Christmas music and your loved ones teaming up.

#6 Get with your friends at your favorite pub for some Jolly Drinks

Enter the Christmas party mood by going to your favorite spot and enjoying the holiday spirit around a glass of your favorite drinks.

P.S. Remember to drink safely.

#7 Do-It-Yourself Christmas decorations

Tap into your creativity this Christmas season! Have fun crafting Christmas decorations with your family or friends in the comfort of your home while sharing Christmas stories.

#8 Take photos for Christmas Cards to send to your family

Get together with your loved ones, wear your favorite Christmas-themed clothes, and take photos to send to your family and friends.

#9 Watch old Christmas movies

There is something magical about old Christmas movies that warm the hearts and lift the spirits with joy, especially when enjoyed with friends or the family.

#10 Prepare a new Christmas music playlist to enjoy during this season

Sit down alone, or with your loved ones and prepare a music playlist of your most loved Christmas songs that will boost your holiday feeling!

#11 Handcraft Christmas gifts

Get underneath the mistletoe and start knitting, or crafting your nearest and dearest handmade gifts. They will surely appreciate your work!

#12 Come home for Christmas

Christmas is family time. Prepare to visit them wherever they are. If you live abroad, time to head back to Lebanon and be among your family to celebrate the holidays.

#13 Give Back, it’s the season of Love!

There are many ways you can express your love to humanity, which is the essence of Christmas. Start gathering your unwanted clothes to donate them to those in need. Spare some bucks, if you can, to fill a box with food and head to an NGO feeding the poor.

Be apt to enact Christmas Love by volunteering during this season with an NGO of your choice. Wondering where to go? Check The Volunteer Circle.

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