Lebanon Court Rejects Judge Aoun’s Appeal After Being Dismissed

The Rivalry Between Judges Ghada Aoun and Ghassan Oueidat, Explained
El-Qarar | LBCI

Lebanon’s top administrative court, the State Shura Council, has rejected Judge Ghada Aoun‘s case to nullify Judge Ghassan Oueidat‘s decision to dismiss her from important financial crimes, MTV Lebanon reported on Monday.

Despite the fact that Judge Oueidat, the Prosecutor General of Cassation, had dismissed Judge Aoun and appointed Judge Samer Lichaa instead, she went on to disregard the decision when she organized raids on some money transfer companies in Lebanon.

Last month, Judge Aoun submitted an appeal to the Shura Council to annul Judge Oueidat‘s decision on the grounds that he “exceeded his authority limits by usurping [her] legal powers.”

At the time, she tweeted, “I filed an appeal today before the State Shura Council through my counsel, the lawyer Bashir Aoun,” adding that she pinned her hopes on “an independent judiciary that rectifies the course and protects rights.”

According to MTV, the Shura Council has also requested the opinion of the Supreme Judicial Council on the merits of the case.

Notably, this was not the first time Judge Aoun challenged or clashed with Judge Oueidat.