Judge Ghada Aoun Forces Her Way Into The Mecattaf Building Again

Judge Ghada Aoun Forces Her Way Into The Mecattaf Building Again

A day after she was referred to judicial inspection, Mount Lebanon Public Prosecutor Judge Ghada Aoun has again forcibly entered the headquarters of the Mecattaf company in Awkar.

On Wednesday afternoon, Judge Aoun parked her car outside the Mecattaf building and tried to enter the outer gate, but she was prevented from doing so.

The company stated that the Judge was denied entry because the Mecattaf case had been transferred to another judge via a decision by State Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat.

“This data [in the company] concerns people because it shows how the transfer of money happened and who is responsible for the increase in the exchange rate of the dollar,” Aoun told Al-Jadeed’s reporter at the scene.

Judge Aoun remained in her car outside the building’s outer gate for less than an hour, where she made calls and reportedly filed a report over not being allowed into the company.

As she waited, a group of her supporters arrived at the gate, demanding holding accountable the people involved in corruption and smuggling money out of Lebanon.

Aoun‘s supporters were able to force open the gate before the Judge drove inside.

Once inside the gate, Judge Aoun called in workers who proceeded to force open the metal gate at the building’s entrance and go inside alongside her.

On Tuesday, the High Judicial Council convened to question Judge Aoun‘s recent actions regarding the Mecattaf case. She was asked to abide by the State Prosecutor’s decision and referred to the Judicial Inspection Board for the required legal measures.

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