Judge Ghada Aoun Attempted To Raid A Security Company (Video)


In the latest in a series of raids, Judge Ghada Aoun attempted to break into another company on Wednesday afternoon, alleging it was involved in financial crimes.

The attempted raid was carried out after the security company ProSec, which transports physical money between locations and provides security services. The company reportedly refused to hand over information and data of its money transfers, citing privacy reasons.

The drama at ProSec’s office began around noon on Wednesday when a financial expert tasked to obtain files from the company claimed he was detained in the company for hours and that he was only released when Judge Aoun arrived.

Judge Aoun then proceeded to break into the company similar to how she did at the Mecattaf offices in Awkar recently.

However, she had to back down after two hours at the security guards blocking the doorway.

It is to note that State Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat had dismissed Judge Aoun from cases of important financial crimes.

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As she retreated, Judge Aoun said that she would leave the matter in the hands of the President, Justice Minister, and Supreme Judicial Council. 

According to one of ProSec’s managers, the company moves money inside Lebanon and denies smuggling money abroad.