Judge Ghada Aoun Is Being Referred To The Disciplinary Council

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Lebanese Judge and Mount Lebanon State Prosecutor Ghada Aoun is being referred to a disciplinary board for allegedly violating the confidentiality of investigations.

In a case involving a judge, there ought to be a summoning in front of the Inspection Body, before a referral to a disciplinary board.

According to Judge Aoun, this did not happen nor was she informed of the cause for summoning.

This string of events led her to question the timing that is colliding with her looking into corruption case files.

After a TV episode of Sar el Waqt aired criticizing her, she filed a lawsuit against the host Marcel Ghanem and the Lebanese broadcasting channel MTV.

This was met with another lawsuit filed against her by MTV for tweets that were considered to be slander.

MTV’s lawyer stated that Judge Ghada Aoun is not respecting the confidentiality of investigations and slandering the channel.

Judge Aoun was later on referred to a disciplinary council by the Head of the Judicial Inspection Authority, Judge Barkan Saad, under claims of traveling without the required authorization, in addition to offensive testimonies against Lebanese Judges.

Regarding the unauthorized traveling charges, Judge Aoun claimed to have called Judge Henry Khoury before traveling to France and submitted a travel permission request.

She accused the Judicial Inspection Authority Judge of crossing the law and getting away with it.

She went on to question the Judiciary system in Lebanon and the infinite protection that covers the ruling “Mafia” in Lebanon.

For a while now, Judge Aoun has been on a “crusade” in the financial sector, going after financial institutions. She froze the assets of five Lebanese banks under accusations of money transferal outside the country during the financial crisis.

The Lebanese Banking Association reacted with a statement, saying that the freezing of the banks’ assets will topple the banking sector.

Judge Aoun also charged the governor of the Central Bank, Riad Salameh, with money laundering and unlawful enrichment, and indicted his brother Raja Salameh who was later released on bail.

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