Judicial Assistants Protested Across Lebanon As The Last Warning Before Closing

Al Jadeed

Under the headline “The Last Warning Before Closing”, the committees of judicial assistants carried out a protest Tuesday morning in the Beirut Justice Palace and the palaces of justice in all governorates across Lebanon.

The pens were closed, the sessions were stopped, and the court arches were removed for half an hour, in protest against the tragic situation of the assistants and the judiciary and the lack of justice in general, and as a reminder of the rightful demands of the judicial assistant.

The head of the Cooperative Fund for Legal Aides, Judge Joseph Tamer, participated in part of this protest, where he listened to the protesters’ demands and promised to follow them up with the concerned authorities.

The following were stated about these demands:

The judicial assistants’ shoutout is to all the honorable workers in the public sector who have chosen to work with sincerity and dedication for more than two years in light of a stifling economic crisis, which has affected their salaries and savings and is now threatening their livelihood, their health, and their families health.

This judicial assistants’ shoutout is the last one they make in the face of those in charge of managing the affairs of the country so that they wake up and realize that the policy of the disassociation from the suffering of workers in the public sector is a crime against the nation, the citizen, and the employees.

Thus, these protesters demanded that the authorities find effective solutions that would lift the injustice before it is too late.

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Judicial Assistants Protested Across Lebanon As The Last Warning Before Closing

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