Judicial Development In Raja Salameh’s Case With Newly Submitted Bank Accounts Data

Raja Salameh | AP Photo/Nati Harnik

The special investigation commission of the Lebanese Central Bank (BDL) turned in information on Thursday from nine Lebanese banks’ accounts regarding Raja Salameh’s case.

As reported by Reuters, the information delivered to Lebanon’s top prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat is a judicial development that might help the investigation progress.

According to the news agency, French investigative Judge Aude Buresi had met with Lebanon’s prosecutor and other judges over this case.

Her visit was part to increase the pressure on Lebanon’s judicial authorities to secure account information related to Riad Salameh and his brother Raja Salameh.

Central Bank Chief Riad Salameh is one of the main suspects in the money laundering investigations by Germany, France, and Luxemburg over alleged embezzlement of $330 million.

According to the EU Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation, on March 25, French, German, and Luxemburg authorities froze 120 million euros ($132 million) worth of assets in an investigation involving five suspects.

In March 2022, French investigations also revealed that Riad Salameh used funds of the Central Bank for private purposes in France.

The Swiss newspaper Le Temps, which has been following these cases, reported that between 2010 and 2021, Riad Salameh paid 5 million euros to a company managed by Anna K., alleged to be the mother of a child of his.

The investigation led the French authorities to an apartment in Paris owned by her, and a sum of 16 million euros.

Other documents indicated that there are also financial links between Anna K. and Riad’s brother, Raja Salameh, who was arrested in Lebanon in March with charges of Illicit enrichment and alleged embezzling. He was then released in April by another judge, on bail of LBP 200 billion, or approximately $8 million.

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