Walid Jumblatt Deems Sleiman Frangieh As The Confrontation Presidency Candidate


Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) leader Walid Jumblatt said overnight that he does not consider MP Michel Mouawad to be a confrontational presidential candidate.

“I do not consider Michel Mouawad a confrontation candidate. He is the son of Taef martyr Rene Mouawad, and we want a president who would address the main controversial topics through dialogue,” Jumblat said in an interview on LBCI TV.

“We will continue to back Michel Mouawad… but the question is, will they accept Mouawad as a consensus president?” he added.

Jumblatt considered the scene in parliament shameful at a time when the majority of the Lebanese people are on the brink of collapse, and “it seems that the March 8 camp has no candidate,” the PSP leader said.

He added that Sleiman Franjieh is nothing but a confrontation and challenge candidate.

As for the controversy over Hezbollah’s arms, Jumblat said: “Lebanon needs Hezbollah for defense, but what’s required is to have a single defense system under the authority of the Lebanese state, and this would later be translated into the defense strategy.”