Jumblatt Urged Hezbollah To Avoid War

Sawt Beirut International

Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP), urged Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah to avoid starting a war with Israel.

“We tell Sayyed Hassan that he can send drones and missiles but must try to think of the (Israeli) reaction. Even if you think that you have a military balance, you should be careful in these moments, and you should try to avoid war,” Jumblatt said in an interview on LBCI.

“No one can prevent war. If it erupts, we have to accept it and what we can do is to draw Nasrallah’s attention to the negative repercussions of war on us,” Jumblatt added.

Jumblat also demanded a new president for Lebanon with a clear program. He said the PSP “wants a clear program in all files for the upcoming presidential election.”

“We won’t elect a candidate that has no clear program,” he added.

“I appreciate the Franjieh family and if Sleiman Frangieh presents a complete program we might accept him,” Jumblatt said.

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