Is Justin Bieber’s Brazilian Mystery Girl Actually Lebanese?

Justin Bieber was seen partying with a model in Brazil following his concert in Rio de Janeiro. It was revealed by

Vogue Brazil

that the girl is Brazilian model Luciana Chamone. The internet was freaking out trying to figure out who she was until someone finally identified her as 23-year-old Luciana Chamone. Of course, this skyrocketed her

Instagram following

to 117,000. She was seen getting close to Justin Bieber after the concert and both her and her friend, Brazilian blogger Marina Pumar, continued partying with him at his rented mansion. Her friend was later seen leaving the mansion alone and presumably, Luciana stayed behind with Justin Bieber.

Why do people think she’s Lebanese?

Chamone is a localized name for Chamoun – a common Lebanese family name. Brazil hosts the largest Lebanese population in the world. The number of Lebanese and their decedents are estimated at upwards of 12 million. That’s more than the population in Lebanon – about 4-4.5 million. It’s quite common for immigrants to change adjust their names to make it easier for locals to say it. Chamone, among many others, is a perfect example of that. Since most people won’t be able to say the “3a” part of Chamoun – adjusting it to Chamone would solve that problem. Other than that, people are saying she carries some physical features resembling that of Lebanese people. Justin Bieber is on his South American tour and he was seen facetiming Luciana after they hung out. Even during their hangouts, he seems to really be into her. He was seen putting her arm around her, kissing her forehead in an affectionate way and didn’t seem to care there was a ton of paparazzi snapping photos of their moment.

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