KAFA Lebanon Receives The Human Rights & Rule Of Law Award From Germany And France

Zoya Rouhana/KAFA Lebanon

Lebanese secular NGO KAFA and its director Zoya Rouhana were just acknowledged with the “Human Rights and Rule Of Law” Award by the German and French Embassy in Beirut.

KAFA is being rightfully recognized for the constant work they put into fighting and eliminating all forms of gender inequality and violence against women & children in Lebanon.

KAFA, which translates to “enough”, was established in 2005. Ever since then, it has been actively working towards creating a society that is free of social, economic, and legal patriarchal structures that discriminate against women. 

The main objective of KAFA is to improve current laws and propose new laws that aim to accomplish gender equality in the Lebanese context.

KAFA has been working on its goal through the implementation of different approaches, which includes:

  • Advocacy for law reform and introduction of new laws and policies,
  • Conducting research and training,
  • Empowering women and children who are victims of violence by providing them with social, legal, and psychological support that they can’t find anywhere else.

KAFA’s two support centers, in Beirut and in Beqaa, provide social, psychological and legal services for any and every women asking for help. The centers then closely monitor the situation of these women and their children.

As for the support line, it receives reporting around the clock.

KAFA’s 24/7 support center witnessed a stark jump in the number of phone calls since the government imposed a country-wide lockdown in March.

The number jumped from 299 at the start of the pandemic to 938 calls received in May, just two months on. Since then, the figures have topped 1,000 calls a month, indicating how gender-based violence still exists in Lebanon and has even increased since the start of the pandemic.

KAFA, which has been on the front line of the fight against the Kafala system, is known for being the only Lebanese NGO actively checking on migrant domestic workers’ death rates, which are continuously getting higher.

Just two days ago, the Ethiopian ambassador urged Lebanon to end the abuse of migrant workers and stop treating them inhumanly.

Zoya Rouhana began working with KAFA right when it opened its doors to help vulnerable women all around the country. She has built a career based on ensuring every individual has equal access to opportunities, and their human rights are respected.

Besides being the director of the feminist civil society organization, Rouhana worked as the General Coordinator for the Lebanese Council to Resist Violence against Women from 1997 till 2005.

She previously worked as a member of the executive committee of the Lebanese Women’s Rights League from 1979 till 1982.

The road to gender equality in Lebanon is a long and painful journey, one filled with holes and obstacles along the way.

However, KAFA’s mission has been a great success throughout the years, essentially due to the wonderful humanitarians backing it up and contributing to the organization’s goals day by day.

Just this week, KAFA released a powerful movie, titled Meheret, directed by Fadi Haddad, and written by Claudia Marchalian. Here’s the trailer:

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