Suspects Of Kaftoun Killing In North Lebanon Share History Of Terrorist Activity

Kaftoun Shooting Suspects Share History Of Terrorist Activity

On Friday night, Kaftoun lost three people to a massacre that afflicted its locals and sent a shockwave throughout Lebanon. As the investigation into the bloody incident continues, more information is unfolding.

A pivotal factor that helped security forces trace the perpetrators was the Honda they had left behind with weapons inside.

The fingerprints found in the car led the Information Branch of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) to the Palestinian refugee camp of Beddawi, and particularly to the residence of “A.S.”

When ISF personnel raided and surrounded the suspect’s apartment, he exchanged gunfire with them, refusing to give in, and injuring an officer in the process.

Later, yielding to the pressure of his family and the camp’s residents, the man surrendered himself to the camp’s Palestinian security authority, which in turn handed him over to the ISF.

It was later revealed that “A.S.” and the two other identified suspects, who have yet to be detained, all share a history of terrorism and had previously been arrested for their involvement in terrorist activities.

First Investigative Judge in the north Samaranda Nassar inspecting the crime scene in Kaftoun. ~Annahar

While it has yet to be confirmed by the investigation, it is suspected that there were actually 5 individuals linked to the murder of the three men in Kaftoun.

One suspect committed suicide on Monday morning by detonating an explosive device in the room he was staying in, in a northern area between Bireh and Kherbet Daoud, after security forces reached him to arrest him.

Investigators also suspect the presence of a second car that was assisting the perpetrators at the time of the crime, according to LBCI.

The room wherein the 40-year-old Syrian suspect set off the explosive that killed him. ~Annahar

On their part, the people of Kaftoun bid their final farewell to the three heroes who were murdered protecting their village in the near-total absence of security forces in the region.

On Sunday afternoon, the village held a funeral for its sons Fadi, Alaa, and George, whose pictures were raised in several locations in Kaftoun alongside printed expressions of respect, gratitude, and grief for their passing.

A tribute to the lives of the Kaftoun shooting victims
“Heroes of Kaftun … to your souls, peace.”
Photo: Annahar

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