Financial Times Named Lebanese Kalei Coffee Shop Among The Best In The World

Kalei Coffee Co. in Beirut made it on the Financial Times’ List Of The Best Independent Coffee Shops In The World, along with 28 other coffee shops from around the world.

Financial Times described it, saying that for the owners, Dalia Jaffal and André Fadel, “coffee is more than a caffeinated drink, it’s an identity, and the mere smell of roasted beans conjures memories of blissful mornings spent on their grandmothers’ balconies.”

“It’s this nostalgia – alongside the fact that, aside from traditional Lebanese coffee, the duo had failed to find a perfect cup in Beirut.”

Dalia Jaffal and André Fadel founded Kalei Coffee Co. in 2016, and expanded since then to two locations in Beirut, serving in Mar Mikhael and Ras Beirut. 

Kalei’s journey started after the two coffee enthusiasts traveled the world to experience flavors from different countries since the duo could not find those aromas in Lebanon.

“Our aim is simple, people need to see the potential of specialty coffee. We also know that to get the perfect cup, we had to cover the whole supply chain, from bean to cup. Hence, Kalei Coffee Co. was born,” the founders explain on Kalei’s website.

Kalei’s main vision is to transport the coffee drinkers to different parts of the world by exposing them to handpicked coffee from the best coffee-growing regions.

The main regions that Kalei Coffee Co. gets their coffee from are Koke Natural, Ethiopia; Coope Tarrazu, Costa Rica; El Gallito, Peru; and Granja La Esperanza, Colombia.

Other than offering exquisite coffee in Beirut from these parts of the world, Kalei Coffee Shop also ships coffee, hardware, and mouneh from Beirut to the world.