Man Involved in Child Trafficking Ring Wanted In Mexico is Hiding in Lebanon

Octavio Gomez

A Lebanese-Mexican businessman wanted in Mexico has been located in Lebanon, revealed the Attorney General’s Office in Mexico, according to Mexican newspaper El Universal.

The man, Kamel Nacif Borge, is of Lebanese descent and is known as one of the richest men in Mexico and a world-famous gambler. He owns a textile empire in Mexico and is referred to as “Denim King.”

According to the newspaper, Borge is also wanted for “his involvement in the kidnapping and torture of journalist Lydia Cacho after she exposed a pedophilia and child-trafficking network in her book The Demons of Eden (Los demonios del Edén).” 

Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho who exposed the child-trafficking ring in her book The Demons of Eden- Reuters/Henry Romero

The network involved child pornography and child sexual abuse. It was led by Lebanese-born businessman Jean Succar Kuri, who was arrested and sentenced to 112 years in prison in 2011. 

Jean Touma Hanna Succar Kuri – source

Nacif and two others, former Puebla governor Mario Marín Torres and former Puebla police chief Hugo Adolfo Karam, are wanted by Interpol.

“[The] three of them were part of a network of masterminds behind my torture. I was tortured for giving voice to hundreds of girls and boys who were sexually exploited by a human trafficking network, where Governors, Senators, and businessmen participated to sexually exploit minors,” journalist Cacho said. 

Kamel Nacif- Octavio Gomez

Lydia Cacho claimed in her book that the former governor Torres was part of the child pornography network. She accused him of “protecting businessmen linked to the case,” reported El Universal. 

By exposing the crimes of these powerful men on several occasions, Cacho became a target of their threats, and worse.

A leaked phone call between former governor Torres and Nacif revealed a conversation between them discussing Cacho’s detention and torture, including their plan to “hire someone to rape her in jail.”

Former Puebla governor Mario Marín Torres

With these crimes exposed, Nacif has reportedly sought Lebanon to hide from the prosecution of the Mexican Justice. Not for long though. The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Mexico has started the extradition process for Nacif’s arrest. 

It will not be easy since Lebanon does not extradite its citizens. However, considering the magnitude of his crimes against innocent kids, Nacif shouldn’t be allowed to roam free and protected by any judicial system. He could and should be at least judged under the Lebanese legal system.

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