11 Karaoke Places In Lebanon To Sing Your Heart Out With Friends

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There are many benefits to karaoke other than the fun of it. It is a stress and anxiety reliever, it stimulates the brain, it brings people together, and, most importantly, it makes you feel better.

Nothing is better than singing out loud while having fun (and maybe embarrassing yourself) with your friends.

Here are some amazing karaoke places in Lebanon where you can have a fun night singing your favorite songs.

#1 Sitte Rosa – Kaslik

If you like singing all while having yummy food and shisha, Sitte Rosa in Kaslik is the answer for you. The place has karaoke night every Sunday, starting at 8:30 pm.

Contact: 3 108668 or 3 773 622

#2 Roy Karaoke Pub – Monot

Roy Karaoke Pub is a very nice and friendly place where you can have the night of your life and sing your heart out. They organize a karaoke night almost every night.

Contact: 76 066 626

#3 Kudeta Bistro – Badaro

Kudeta Bistro is a nice place to have a good meal and sing the night away with your friends. Located in the vibrant streets of Badaro, you can have fun every Friday singing Karaoke.

Contact: 01 380507

#4 Moods Pub – Broumana

Moods is a cozy pub in Broummana where you can enjoy a fun night singing your favorite jams.

Contact 70184382

#5 Pause Karaoke Resto Pub – Dbayeh

Pause Karaoke Resto Pub is a great place to enjoy exquisite alcoholic beverages all while singing the night away.

Contact: 03 278 160 or 71 18 18 12.

#6 Replay Karaoke Resto Pub – Beirut

You can easily have fun at Replay karaoke pub all while performing your chosen song. Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself since you will be having so much fun, and no one will notice.

Contact: 78 89 66 89

#7 Tape Karaoke Pub – Kaslik

Tape Karaoke Pub is a lovely place full of energy where there is karaoke almost every night. Contact: 78909192

#8 The Retro Pub – Broummana

You can sing your lungs out at The Retro Pub in Broummana and have a ball with your friends singing your most preferred jams on Saturdays.

Contact: 70 26 77 66

#9 Front Yard Pub & Lounge – Chouf

You can enjoy a karaoke night every Saturday at Front Yard pub while eating delicious starters and drinking good cocktails.

Contact: 71112021.

#10 Check In Resto-Cafe – Sin El Fil

A cool place with vibrant nights in Sin El Fil where you can enjoy Karaoke with your friends on Fridays and Saturdays.

Contact: 70543000

#11 Al Badia Restaurant – Bleibel

Al Badia is a Lebanese restaurant offering Lebanese and Chinese food, as well as shisha and entertainment nights. Their Karaoke night is every Friday. The restaurant is located in Bleibel, after the Antonine School.

Contact: 71059286-03275009

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