Karl Wolf Just Released A Song For The Lebanese Revolution… And It’s Amazing!

So far into the Lebanese revolution, we have seen so much empowering support towards the cause from everywhere around the world.

Lebanese people in Lebanon and abroad have been fully dedicated to getting their voices heard through relentless protests, and so have been many celebrities of Lebanese origins.  

Massari took part in the solidarity protests in Los Angeles and released a song for the revolution. Battle Wrapper Mr. Dizaster also joined the L.A. Protest. Rony Seikaly was at the Miami Protest.

Mika took a public stand by setting up his IG profile photo with the Lebanese Flag and send a TV message from France to the protesters. Christine Said was at San Fransisco Protest.

Internationally acclaimed Nemr released a powerful broadcast message just two days ago, at L.A. Protest, and many Lebanese celebrities fought for people’s rights since day one.

The latest artist to show his amazing support is a much-beloved singer by the Lebanese: Karl Wolf, who just released a song inspired by the revolution and the current state of the country.

Heartfelt and empowering, his song Lebanon is Mine has just been launched, though The961 got a sneak peek directly from Karl. There’s also talk about the music video, and from what we hear, it’s going to be amazing!

It is no surprise that this great work is coming from the one and only Karl Wolf since he’s an exceptional musician from Lebanese origins, and this empowering beautiful song is based on these two significant factors and is kindled by the major events happening in Lebanon.

There are no doubts about the effect this song is going to have on the Lebanese people and the revolution.

For us, in the homeland, and for our diaspora around the world, it has been heartwarming the way we Lebanese people, no matter what our status and country of residence, are motivating and supporting each other. 

Each in his or her own way, with all that we have and all that we know, we are contributing to this crucial phase of our history that is shaping our new Lebanon, a free one.

Whether it is with music and arts, or by protesting and helping on the ground, Lebanese of all ages, all walks of life, and all professions or none but our love and rights for a civilized Lebanon, we are proving to each other and to the world that we are a great people who really mean it when we have spoken up “Enough is enough!”

All efforts matter, and every contribution, small or big, is playing an important role in making a positive change and sealing further and deeper the bond of unity.

Karl Wolf is one of us and among us, contributing his part to the Revolution. We are delighted but not surprised. Karl has always been a lover of Lebanon. In 2011, he produced a song called “Lebanon.” It’s not the first time he’s been loyal to the homeland he was born in.

Recently, he went on Instagram to address the current Lebanese situation, describing the cause of the revolution, and announcing to all his fans around the world that he stands with his brothers and sisters in Lebanon.

Karl’s “Lebanon Is Mine” is just coming out, following “My Heart Broke” by our Lebanese-Canadian famous singer Massari. Karl’s song is a perfect representation of the cause and the situation of the Lebanese people. To hear it, check out the video below, premiering right now as we publish this:

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