Secretary-General Of Kataeb Party Among Beirut Explosion Deaths

Nizar Njarian

The Secretary-General of Al-Kataeb Party in Lebanon, Nizar Najarian, passed away after getting injured by the explosion that happened Thursday in Beirut, Lebanon.

Nizar Najarian was inside Al-Kataeb Central House in Beirut, which is in the proximity of the port, when the explosion took place. The incident left him with a head injury and his wounds resulted in his death.

Noting that the Beirut explosion left hundreds of wounded, including PM Hassan Diab’s wife and daughter, and at least 10 people killed.

Hospitals are finding themselves unable to receive more casualties, and many are being treated outside the hospitals’ buildings.

Hotel Dieu Hospital stated having 500 injured people and urged the wounded and people carrying the wounded to seek other hospitals. Calls for blood donation are circulating for all hospitals in the capital.

This is indeed a horrible day for Lebanon that has been already under tremendous duress from too many crises.

May those we lost today rest in peace and may the nation stand strong.