Kazakhstan Sent A Military Medical Team To Help Hospitals In Lebanon

Kazakh Ministry of Defense

Hospitals in Beirut have been severely impacted by the explosion that devasted the capital and the lives of hundreds of thousands of citizens.

The three main hospitals of Beirut became incapacitated to receive the too-high number of injured, hence many have been sent or transported to hospitals outside the capital.

And now these hospitals are also in need of support.

Tonnes of donated medical supplies have been arriving in Lebanon from friendly-countries, yet Lebanon is still living a human catastrophe with the staggering number of injured and what it involves of surgeries, treatments, meds, follow-up, and so on.

Adding to that, Lebanon is now witnessing a high record of daily coronavirus cases.

The devastated country is still in need of help, and Kazakhstan has now stepped up to help out.

At the order of its President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, it deployed a military team of 29 doctors and 4 translators to Beirut, and some medical equipment, like respirators.

The team consists of specialized trauma, neuro, and anesthesia surgeons, doctors, and other medical staff.

They have joined different governmental hospitals around Beirut, except three doctors assigned to Saida’s Governmental Hospital.

Kazakh Ministry of Defense

It is to note that Beirut is home to over 200 Kazakh nationals, including diplomats and the Kazakh UN peacekeeping mission.

According to The Astana Times, president Tokayev had contacted president Aoun following the explosion, on August 5th, and “asked him to ensure the safety of the Kazakh citizens.” 

A rightful request that the residents of Beirut couldn’t though ensure it for themselves from their president and government, as the catastrophe is there to tell.

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