Kefraya, Lebanon in 20+ Amazing Pictures

Kefraya is an exquisite village in the Western Beqaa District of the Beqaa Governorate. It is known for its amazing sceneries, vineyards of Château Kefraya, fresh air and the beautiful nature’s colour palette.


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Kefraya is approximately 65 km away from Beirut and it needs almost an hour and a half of driving time.

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Kefraya was once home to the Qaraoun culture (also the name of the artificial lake minutes away from the village).

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A very large archaeological site was discovered in the area running along both sides of the road.


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The road to Kefraya is mesmerizing. Full with breathtaking sceneries and landscapes, it is really one of the beautifully unique roads of Lebanon!

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Kefraya is habitable in all seasons, sunny and fresh in summer and spring, cold and white at winter and remarkably gorgeous in autumn. It is the perfect example for the richness of Lebanon’s nature.

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The village could serve as an amazing weekend getaway from the city’s crazy buzz. A Sunday’s road trip to the Château is also a fantastic idea!


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