Keserwan And Jbeil To Be Merged Into A Governorate

The previous parliamentary session resulted in many positive changes in Lebanon. The most notable one was the

abolition of the Article 522 of the penal code

, which is also known as the “marry the rapist” law. Basically, this law allowed rapists to marry their victims in order to avoid prison. Also, the Parliament of Lebanon finally

approved the animal protection and welfare law

. This law protects all kinds of animals, whether they are pets or belong to the zoo. When the President signs this law, people or organizations who abuse or mistreat animals will deal with severe consequences.

The mohafazah of Keserwan and Jbeil

During the same session, the Lebanese Parliament declared the creation of a new governorate: Keserwan-Jbeil. All the public offices and institutions related to this mohafazah will open in Jounieh. The citizens of Keserwan and Jounieh will be able to pay their taxes and do their paperwork in Jounieh instead of Baabda. By decreasing the pressure in Baabda, Lebanon will be taking a big step towards decentralization. The President’s signature is necessary to finalize the creation of this new governorate.


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