Kfardebian Turns People Away As Ski Slopes Get Over Packed


Earlier today, Kfardebian municipality issued a statement asking people not to go to Kfardebian’s popular ski resorts in the village as it has reached full capacity.

However, as seen by the pictures posted on social media, the ski resorts did not only reach full capacity, but they went above the 50% limit imposed by the coronavirus ministerial committee.

The statement also added that municipality police and the ISF will turn around any vehicles attempting to reach the resort.

Meanwhile, Lebanon registered 53 COVID-19 related deaths and 3,369 new cases on Thursday, according to the Health Ministry said Thursday.

The data provided by the Health Ministry also noted that 2,157 patients are currently hospitalized for COVID-19 complications, with 885 in the ICU, and 286 on ventilators.

Yet, with the gradual reopening of the country after the strictest lockdown, people took this opportunity to resume life normally.

It’s important to add that the number of COVID-19 cases reported every day is still alarming, which means residents should take extra caution before deciding to end their quarantine on an early note.

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