KFC Caught Allegedly Dumping Waste In The Litani River

The Bekaa branches of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) have been dumping their waste and rubbish on the river banks of the Litani.

The Litani River Authority (LRA) announced through their official account on Twitter that KFC, where the cost of one meal would be equivalent to the Lebanese minimum wage, has been dumping all of the waste that is not needed from its branches on the banks of the Litani River.

The LRA also announced that it will be taking serious measures against KFC and urged all Lebanese citizens to boycott the international restaurant chain because it is polluting our rivers.

The Litani River has been an epicenter for environmental problems and pollution due to decades of industrial pollution from factories neglected sewage systems, chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers, and the disposal of waste.

The most recent display of the disastrous state of this river was when 40 tonnes of fish turned up dead on the banks of the river in Qaraoun in May of this year. The fish had died due to an abnormal amount of deadly pollutants in the water.

The Litani River is a national treasure and a source of income for many families who rely on it during the Summer for recreation or to water crops.

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KFC Caught Allegedly Dumping Waste In The Litani River

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