Amer Fakhoury Just Died In The US

Butcher Of Khiam_ Amer Fakhoury Died In The US
Elias Bejjani News | AFP

Amer Fakhoury, the infamous former member of the South Lebanon Army, passed away in his residence in the US after a long battle with illness, local media reported.

Fakhoury, who was 57 at the time of his death, was reportedly receiving specialized medical care in the US after having been released from prison in Lebanon a few months ago.

Before he was flown out of Lebanon aboard a US helicopter in March, Fakhoury spent 6 months in detainment over charges related to collaborating with Israel and torturing detainees in the Khiam prison during the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon.

Convicted in absentia as far back as 1998, his detainment by Lebanese authorities took place when he landed in Beirut in September 2019, but the charges were dropped later as a result of “the expiry of the statute of limitations.”

Following Fakhoury’s release, which many in Lebanon believe was done under pressure from the United States, numerous Lebanese, most notably the victims who had suffered at Fakhoury’s hands and their families, were outraged.

The anger and controversy that his release brought about were amplified when US President Donald Trump thanked the Lebanese government for releasing Fakhoury, in a speech after the latter’s arrival in the US.

Before it was confirmed that Fakhoury had landed on US soil, Lebanese people took to the streets, calling for the re-arrest of the former pro-Israeli militia member, and slamming Lebanese politicians for setting the “Butcher of Khiam” free in the first place.

Over the past few months, the Lebanese-American was suffering an advanced Stage 4 lymphoma, which reportedly led to his demise on Monday.

Hearing the news of his death, some Lebanese on social media wished to have seen him brought to justice in Lebanon for his collaboration with Israel against his homeland and people.

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