Heartbreaking Videos Of Kids Suffering Power Outages In Lebanon

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Power outages in Lebanon have become worse than ever… and in this summer heat, the cuts are unbearable.

Every Lebanese citizen has been badly affected by these continuous outages, whether they are students, employees, or just sitting in their own homes.

If you live in Lebanon and you had to sit through the entire night with no air conditioning or a fan, you probably know what we are talking about. If you do not live here, here’s a glimpse of how Lebanese nights have been looking like.

This condition has taken the country centuries back, and instead of sharing their own struggles on social media, people have been sharing the struggles of their little children.

This video has been circulating online of a mother who hasn’t been able to operate the oxygen machine for her infant in Tripoli.

In the video, the mother curses the local deputies, and says: “If anything happens to my son, I’m holding you accountable.”

In another heartbreaking and similar case, a father was on the street looking for someplace with electricity to operate the oxygen machine of his infant son of 4 months.

The struggle is no less for healthy babies who have to endure the summer heat.

It looks like struggle has no age in Lebanon. People are born struggling with backward conditions of a life with no electricity, no clean water, no dignity.

Dismally, this is not the only suffering that Lebanon’s kids are enduring. Poverty is expanding. Over half a million kids in Beirut alone are already suffering from hunger, according to Save The Children Lebanon.

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