Lebanese Activist Kinda El-Khatib Was Just Released 8 Months After Her Arrest


Taken from her home in June of last year, activist Kinda El-Khatib had been detained for months before getting sentenced to 3 years in prison in December. Today, she was released.

She was charged with the alleged offenses of dealing with the enemy, entering the enemy territory of occupied Palestine, and sharing intelligence – which she had insistently denied.

Kinda El-Khatib

Known to be vocal about her stance against the Lebanese President as well as his ally, the Iran-backed political militia Hezbollah, her arrest was viewed as an abuse of power to try to silence the free voices of Lebanon.

In December, she was sentenced to 3 years in prison by the military court in Lebanon. But with the hard work of her lawyer Jocelyn al-Rai, she was able to appeal for retrial and the military court agreed that she may be released in waiting for the next court date.