King Rolodex Is Having An Absolute Meltdown On TikTok After Losing In The Elections


For the last few days, the famous Lebanese TikToker Yassin Fawaz, aka King Rolodex, has been expressing total anger after losing the elections.

Fawaz, who was running for the Shiite seat in Beirut II district, had only 111 votes after allegedly spending a huge sum of money on his fans to vote for him.

At not being able to secure a seat, Kind Rolodex was seen expressing his frustration and having a meltdown on his TikTok account. Somehow, he was certain he will be elected and become a parliamentarian. That didn’t happen.

In some of his videos, Fawaz is seen holding stacks of money and telling people to “go to them” referring to the newly-elected MPs, implying that he has plenty of money but they, the people, won’t be getting any from him anymore.

In others, King Rolodex told his followers to stop nagging, as “they” (the politicians) used them, commenting that they should wait 4 more years to get another $100 bill, referring to the thousands of money spent on vote-buying.

It is unknown how many “$100 bills” King Rolodex gave away to his fans to “win” votes. What is known is that he counts 580,000 on TikTok and 1.3M followers on Instagram; not all presumably from the district he was targetting.

In another video, he told his fans that he is “not responsible for them anymore” as he was helping them, but now, he will give the chance to the new MPs. “If anyone has a problem, they can go to them, as they are responsible for you.”

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