Knights Of Columbus Is Donating $250,000 To Lebanon Disaster Relief

Hassan Ammar / AP

Catholic fraternal organization, Knights of Columbus, is pledging $250,000 to help Lebanon after the ruinous explosion left the eastern side of the capital city in a war-torn-like state.

More than 200 lives have been lost, both Lebanese and foreigners. Many remain missing even weeks after the August 4 catastrophe. Now, survivors must bear the burden of restoring and rebuilding their city, without much support from the Lebanese government.

Known for its charitable efforts, Knights of Columbus NGO has donated $250,000 through Bishop Gregory Mansour, who leads the Maronite Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn, USA.

The total donation will be divided among four organizations:

  • $125,000 for Caritas Lebanon
  • $50,000 for the St. Vincent de Paul Society
  • $50,000 for Tele-Lumiere/NourSat Christian Television
  • $25,000 for Sesobel

Recently, Pope Francis sent a donation of 250,000 euros to help blast-struck Beirut, as a sign and gesture of his fatherly closeness to the Lebanese people during difficult times.

Many friendly countries around the world have lent a helping hand, offering urgent assistance immediately after the blast.

People across the globe have also been donating to Lebanese NGOs working on-site where aid is needed most.