Kordahi Says He Is Ready To Resign If It Benefits Lebanon

Minister of Information, George Kordahi, noted that there is intense pressure and an attempt to besiege him in order to push him into a voluntary resignation.

He told Al Joumhouriya that he is ready to resign only in exchange for the national interest.

He expressed his complete readiness to resign immediately in exchange for the retraction of the recent measures by the Arab Gulf countries. In addition, he requested that Prime Minister Mikati be received in Riyadh to discuss rebuilding relations.

β€œWhat matters to me is that my resignation brings a national and popular gain so that it is not absurd,” said Kordahi.

Kordahi indicated that the resignation is no longer just about him and his position – hinting towards the Arab Gulf’s animosity towards Hezbollah.

“This issue concerns all components of the government, and I am ready to accept what the Council of Ministers decides,” he said.

The minister added that the correct approach would be declaring solidarity with him by the Council of Ministers while emphasizing keenness on the best relations with Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states.

“This is my choice and my conviction. If I’m going to be fired, this proposal requires the majority in the Council of Ministers, and I will certainly respect the decision,” he noted.

He pointed out that he is aware of the pressure the crisis is putting on the Lebanese economy. “I know very well how important and vital the interests of the Lebanese in the Gulf are, and therefore they must be avoided from any conflict,” he said.

The Lebanon-Gulf crisis began following Kordahi’s statements criticizing the role of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the Yemeni war.

Saudi Arabia reacted with severe measures by expelling the Lebanese ambassador and recalling its Saudi ambassador from Lebanon, in addition to suspending all Lebanese imports.

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Kordahi Says He Is Ready To Resign If It Benefits Lebanon

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