Saudi Arabia Is Officially Sending Back Its Ambassador To Lebanon, Ending Months-Long Crisis

Royal News | AP

Saudi Arabia announced on Thursday that it is officially sending its ambassador back to Lebanon, after last year’s crisis with the country.

In a statement, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the decision comes “in response to the calls and appeals of moderate national political forces in Lebanon” and the commitment of PM Najib Mikati to take the required measures to enhance cooperation with Saudi Arabia and the GCC states.

These measures include stopping “all political, military, and security activities affecting” Saudi Arabia and the GCC states.

The Saudi Ministry added that “the Kingdom stresses the importance of the return of the Republic of Lebanon to its Arab depth represented by its national institutions and origins, that Lebanon maintains security and peace, and that its people enjoy stability and security in its homeland.”

Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, welcomed the decision of Saudi Arabia, affirming that Lebanon is proud of its Arab connections, and wants the best relationship with the Gulf countries.

Saudi Arabia and other Arab Gulf states, namely Kuwait, Bahrain, and Yemen, withdrew their ambassadors in 2021, in reaction to the statements of the then-Information Minister, Georges Kordahi, regarding KSA’s role in the war in Yemen.

The rift led to a diplomatic crisis, freezing Lebanon’s imports to these countries, which further shook the Lebanese economy, and putting at risk the work stability of the Lebanese expatriates in the GCC.

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