A Lebanese Broadcaster Was Just Deported From Kuwait

Sazdel El Kak l Gulf News archive

The Kuwaiti authorities have made the decision to deport a Lebanese broadcaster for the sake of ‘public interest’.

Sazdel El-Kak, who has over 300,000 fans on Instagram, was deported after she posted on social media fashion pictures of herself that the local authorities deemed “vulgar and offensive,” according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas.

The General Administration of Criminal Investigation in Kuwait, specifically the Ethics Investigation Department, interrogated Sazdel who reportedly spent one night in a prison cell.

Sazdel El-Kak was then referred to the Deportation Department and a ticket was booked for her on the Kuwaiti airline.


The Lebanese broadcaster was not given a deadline for her departure, noting that she has been living in Kuwait for ten years and is married to a Kuwaiti man.

In her turn, El-Kak announced that she will no longer reside in the country but will make brief visits instead. She described the way she was treated by authorities as “humiliating.”

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A Lebanese Broadcaster Was Just Deported From Kuwait

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