Kuwait Just Expelled The Lebanese Ambassador

ABC News | Arabian Business

Kuwait expelled its Lebanese ambassador, giving him 48 hours to leave the country. It also recalled its ambassador from Lebanon.

This comes after a series of expulsions by Gulf countries following Kordahi’s statement regarding the Yemen War.

Kordahi said on a show that the Yemen war is futile, and Houthis were defending themselves. This caused outrage among the Gulf countries participating in the war.

Kordahi tweeted earlier on Friday that he did not mean any insult in his statement.

Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned that Lebanese people living in Kuwait will not be affected.

Kuwait is the third gulf country to do this, preceded by Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. More countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are expected to do the same.

Saudi Arabia has also stopped the import of all goods from Lebanon and mentioned that sanctions will take place.

Previously, these countries summoned envoys to protest Kordahi’s statement, which was made a month before he was assigned as minister.

The Arab League has expressed its concerns regarding these measures, and the League’s secretary-general asked these countries to reconsider their decisions.

Politicians, including the former prime ministers in Lebanon, are calling for the resignation of Minister Kordahi, and some even called for the resignation of the entire government.

The relations between Lebanon and GCC countries were already tense after foiling a series of drug-smuggling operations into the aforementioned countries.

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