Kuwait Freezes Requests From Charities To Transfer Donations To Lebanon

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Kuwait has stopped all requests from its NGOs wishing to make money transfers to Lebanon, which are usually processed through the humanitarian work system of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The given reason for such a decision by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs is “Lebanon’s political and financial instability,” indicating that the decision will remain in force “until further notice and until the situation stabilizes.”

The Kuwaiti media Al-Hurra, which has reported the decision, relayed from its sources in the ministry that Kuwait fears “that any economic collapse in Beirut will blow the money donations.”

Worth pointing out that the economic crisis in Lebanon is not relatively new since it has started in 2019, further worsening in 2020. Yet, money donations and support from Kuwait NGOs – as from the Arab Gulf – were not halted by their governments.

This decision is the latest of the severe measures being imposed on Lebanon by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and which affect the Lebanese people first and foremost, and not the government they seek to pressure.

Their aim is to pressure the Lebanese government to take a radical decision against Hezbollah and its control in Lebanon’s politics.

The statements of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, which sparked the Lebanon-Gulf Crisis, were just the drop in a fully saturated glass as the tension and displeasures of the Arab Gulf towards the Lebanese governments were accumulating for a while.

With the Lebanon-Gulf Crisis worsening by the day, the given reasons for boycotting Lebanon have switched from the infamous statements of Kordahi to smuggling issues, Hezbollah, and economic collapse and instability; for now.

And it hasn’t ended. Kuwait is reportedly planning to make another move against Lebanon, and it is related to the visa entry for the Lebanese people.

According to AFP quoting an unnamed security source, Kuwaiti authorities have decided to make it “tough” on the Lebanese to get visas to Kuwait, and that “without issuing an official circular to that effect.”

The pressure continues to develop with the Lebanese people being the most affected.

For more on the Lebanon-Gulf Crisis and its measures and impact, read here.

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Kuwait Freezes Requests From Charities To Transfer Donations To Lebanon

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